The Australasian Global Exports team has vast experience in logistics and the export of agricultural products:

  • Procurement specialists - delivering reliable supply solutions
  • Maintaining long term supply agreements with agricultural producers
  • Integrated relationships with procurement networks across Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, USA and Europe
  • Agreements with shipping and airfreight companies delivering excellent customer outcomes globally

Vast knowledge of both exporting and importing requirements across the globe ensuring agricultural produce moves freely through the global supply chain.


AGE owns three dedicated Registered Premises in Victoria. These facilities are approved by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and undergo regular audits to ensure their compliance to animal welfare standards and regulations.

The facilities are situated in the following regions:

  • Gippsland - Poowong has a capacity of 5,000 head.
  • Western Districts - Winberack has capacity for 20,000 head.
  • Western Districts - Slatterys Road is a dedicated air freight facility with capacity for 1000 head.

The facilities are extremely well improved with animal welfare outcomes the key factor in the design of the yards and paddocks. The facilities are strategically located to allow ease of operation for farmers to deliver livestock into the Registered Premise and after the quarantine period finishes, delivery to the relevant port.  AGE also has arrangements with the numerous facilities at all the live export ports throughout Australia for both sea and airfreight consignments.


Through its relationships with vessel owners, AGE has access to the latest state of the art livestock carriers allowing AGE to service any market. All vessels are accredited by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). The vessels are inspected by AMSA on every voyage into Australian waters and undergo a yearly inspection to comply with the requirements of Australian Certificate for the Carriage of Livestock (ACCL).